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Just as we clean our homes and apartments, we have to
clean our bodies as well at regular intervals, and 
strengthen them so as enable them to fight off disease.

There is a fantastic medicinal plant readily available for 
you to use:

FLP's stabilized Aloe Vera
 which has as one of its most important qualities
 its antidotal, blood cleansingproperties.
Only t Forever Living Products he natural, patented stabilization process allows the aloe to reach
the consumers  its in its natural state.

We have great need for this, especially since so many
of the harmful things found in our environment -
polluted air, poor quality water, harmful radiation,
 exhaust fumes, preservatives, artificial colorants,
drugs - result in the buildup of large amounts of
harmful toxins within our bodies.
 Each one of us consumes several kilograms of poison
 each year. Not all at once, of course, because that much
 at given time would knock any of us out, but in tiny
increment day by day, through our skin, lungs, and mucous
 membranes. The other slowly actin poison is, of course, stress.

1.) Can you live stress free?

2.) Who among us do you think has the best chance for 
         survival in today's world?

Those of us who work at strengthening our immune
 systems (our bodies first and only line of defense),
or those who dismiss it all with a wave of their hands?
 Pay close attention  to your health, and guard it well!
 This is where Aloe Vera Gel can help.
 Thanks to its high fiber content, by taking 2 - 4
fluidounce worth of it each day, you can remove
 from your intestinal villi your daily intake of the poisons around you. This enhances their ability to absorb,
 and allows the entry into your body of all that is healthy.
As a result, it kills bacteria, funguses, and parasites,
 and stops them from spreading. It acts as an antiviral,
 anti-inflammatory, skin rejuvenator, coagulant, astringent, and pain reliever, all in addition to its NUTRITIVE value!

And when you take FOREVER 100 % stable Aloe Vera Gel
 you are at the same time allowing into your system
 250 different kinds of active ingredients, which work
 their way into your cells and rejuvenate them from the
 inside out.
 By doing so, you will activate your body's self-healing process .....eliminating the causes of disease, not
merely its symptoms, and provide yourself with
 ongoing protection from the harmful effects of our environment.
You will restore your metabolism on the cellular level
 to its optimum levels, and since our entire bodies are 
 composed of cells, this will boost organ function as well.
 By taking it regularly, your immune system will return to
 its proper balance, allowing it to better protect you from disease. This is why wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who values his or her health.

What warning sings indicate a need to rid our bodies
 of poison, or that we need help in properly nourishing

-Frequent, debilitating headache
-Persistent hypertension
-Prolonged periods of exhaustion, lethargy
-Uncertain tingling sensation in the extremities
-Frequent nervousness
-Frequent infections
-Frequent tiredness
-Difficult breathing
-Frequent sweating
-Frequent fatigue,
-Irregular heart beating
-Joint and muscle pain
-Skin problems
-Frequent constipation or diarrhea
-Stomach discomforts
- Bloated stomach
-Occasional bad breath
-Inexplicable distress, phobia



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Forever Living Products 9 days CLEAN-9 program cleanse and support your digestive system. The natural ingredients and cutting edge science  help you  to look and feel great.  Cleanse your body of harmful chemicals that may be holding you back from your full potential and  you also can loose extra 8-15  pounds in 9 days.  Strengthening your immune system, increase your energy level and put you the path to a healthier happier you.
 Your CLEAN-9 pack including:

    • Aloe Vera Gel – 2X – 1 liter bottles
    • Forever Lite Ultra Shake – 1 pouch Vanilla or Chocolate (your choice)
    • Forever Therm – 18 tablets
    • Forever Fiber – 9 sticks
    • Forever Garcinia Plus  – 54 softgels
    The package comes with English or Spanish information book.

If you finish with the 9 days Clean-9 program, continue to drink any of our  Aloe Vera Gel on the daily basis with the Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea These two products can help you to keep maintain your healthy body weight, and your digestive system stays always clean. The same time the Gel allowing into your system vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The tea help to process and digest the gel absorb lot easier. Containing 11 kind of herbs.

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  1. Aloe Vera can be used to relieve sunburns and wounds. It improves the health of the skin.