Thursday, August 2, 2012

HOW CAN YOU SAVE 15-30% on Forever Living Products

You have 2 choices how you can save money
on Forever Living Products:
buy on 15% discount price from Forever Living products

 and  save 15% already on your first order.


No monthly fee! No membership fee!
No obligation to buy! No hidden fee!
Registration is easy and quick, takes only few minutes.

After you registered, the Company will send your
ID number and Password.
Check your e-mail (junk mail as well)

With your ID number and Password you can
login to your own official Forever Living store,
and you will be able to buy products on 15 %
discount price (minimum order $100)

You might need sponsor ID number:

SAVE more

If you reach 2 case credit point (2cc)
order value $340, within one or 2 consecutive
months you will get 30 % off from retail price
of all purchases, and this 30 % discount position you never can loose, that is FOREVER YOURS,
you have to reach it only once.

Best way to reach the biggest discount if
you BUY NOW the Touch of Forever Combo Pack

(value is 2 cc)

Forever Combo pack is excellent choice for the whole Family!
Our forever aloe vera beauty health full size COMBO PACK includes: Aloe drinks, nutrition's, bee products, personal care, skin care

With your 15 % discount you save $60
and you have plus $72 extra value products in the

OR you can also choose products from my online store to reach the 2 cc (credit point)

Check the other products in our Forever Aloe Vera Beauty Health online store:

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