Sunday, March 11, 2012

Active lifestyle with FAB Forever Active Boost natural energy drink


                                FOREVER ACTIVE BOOST  

                      We are living an active busy lifestyle!
                      How we can have energy all the time?

FAB Forever Active Boost energy drink gives you that extra boost you need to stay active.                                 

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FAB's "boost" is different from other energy drinks because it gives you both immediate and long-term energy. The immediate boost comes from guarana, a natural ingredient that is very popular in Brazil, while the long-term energy is powered by ADX7 technology: a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs and other nutritionals developed by a leading Russian sports scientist and researcher. ADX7 has helped Russian track and field athletes win over 130 medals in Olympic competition! FAB is a quick, refreshing way to stay energized and alert all day long. And it revitalizes you so you have the endurance and concentration to do all the things you have to do, plus the things you want to do. Guarana provides a natural boost. Powered by a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs.
FAB without artificial colors, artificial flavors, and not containing coffein.
Containing: Aloe Vera, Guarana and Vitamins

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